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About Qi Gong

About Qi Gong

Qi Gong was developed and practiced by millions of people in Asia over the last 3,000 years to absorb life force energy (chi) from the environment, purge traumas embedded in the body, and build chi for wellbeing, spiritual and martial arts purposes.

Using breath, intention and gentle movement, Qi Gong relieves stress, clears the mind, and amplifies your energy and connection. Qi Gong is closely related to tai chi, acupuncture, yoga and meditation, but with a special focus on moving and building life force energy.


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Try this Free, 1 hour Sample Class

January 13, 2024 recording of the first class in my ongoing 6 month Online progressive course, Introduction to Qi Gong:

Passcode: Xd@=x5mz


 100% of class fee proceeds go to charity (House of Hope, a shelter for homeless families near Denver, 


I teach both In-Person classes every Friday at Almaden Yoga in San Jose,, and Online classes Saturdays.  


I also provide free workshops to residents and staff at 4 homeless shelters in California and Colorado, and teach elderly patients at an assisted living center.  

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My Background

For nearly four decades I have studied energy practices including Tai Chi, Reiki (Level 1 and 2 Certified), Yoga, Meditation, and Qi Gong with teachers including Grandmaster John Leong in Seattle and Robert Smith in Washington, D.C., and Qi Gong Grandmaster and Daoist Senior Abbot Jerry Johnson in CA.  I am a Certified Master in Chinese Energetic Medicine, CEM Therapist, Associate of Daoist Healing Studies, and ordained Priest of Mystical Arts, training to receive a Doctorate of Chinese Energetic Medicine in August 2024 and become a Buddhist Lama in 2025.

I teach in-person weekly classes at Almaden Yoga in San Jose, CA, and online classes 3 times a month to a global class. I also provide free workshops to homeless women and staff at 4 shelters in California and Colorado.

Married with three daughters and a graduate with honors of both Harvard College and Harvard Law School, I retired after a career as an environmental litigator, government official, and Global Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer of four Fortune 100 companies. 

My Background

Online and In-Person Classes & Non-Profit Fees

My Online Classes are every other Saturday, 8:30-9:30 am Pacific in Zoom, plus a third Saturday each month dedicated to more advanced exercises.  All levels are welcome to all classes, and I try to make the class as fun and accessible as possible, with exercises and meditations usable anytime, anywhere to combat stress and reconnect to the natural universe.  Students typically finish their practice deeply relaxed, energized and clear-minded.


Online Classes are recorded and archived in the "Members Area" tab above for review at your leisure.

I also teach In Person Classes every Friday 9:30-10:30 am Pacific at Almaden Yoga in San Jose, CA, see


As I teach out of passion not for income, giving back to the universe, my online classes are only $20/month. FIRST ONLINE CLASS IS FREE; then, 100% of proceeds not necessary for site maintenance are donated to charity.

Join us for a life-changing practice!

The Class
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“I have had hundreds of teachers and put my teachers under a high bar when it comes to whether I consider them "good" or not. Leonard is a fantastic qigong teacher. If you decide to take his classes be prepared to have a radical upgrade in your life.” -Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O., MIM- Physician, Healer, Author, Teacher

“Leonard has a passion and intuitive understanding of Qi Gong that is reflected in his teaching. He is able to teach to all levels by focusing on the basics and expanding on our learning with each class. We feel refreshed and calm after his classes.” - Eric Jorgensen and Nicole Jorgensen, REHS, Inspector Santa Clara County Dept. Environmental Health 

"Len is an exquisite, kind, clear, generous and rare teacher of Qi Gong. He teaches the deeper spiritual and healing meaning of Qi Gong rooted in the lineage he studies. He imparts information about the practices with great enthusiasm, compassion and clarity. I feel so fortunate to learn and practice with him!"

- Bonnie Wolf, Community Development Consultant and Project Director Alameda CA Wellness Campus


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